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The International ReiKi Federation have organised tours to various locations around the globe of great spiritual significance. Please return to this section regularily for information on future tours.

Hawaii 1999

A ReiKi attunement is the closest thing you will get to a Kundalini experience. The attunement process is Kundalini energy awakening, through stimulation. The high vibrational movement of Kundalini energy starts at the spine and vibrates up through the root Chakra at the spine, to the crown Chakra. This energy flows upwards through the earth and connects our planet’s Chakras with our own to bring about a harmony. It can be a life changing experience for some, or a climax from years of spiritual good will and effort.

Mother Earth’s protection meditation was practiced during 1999. Mother Earth would benefit greatly if many of it’s humane inhabitants spent time tuning into this technique. The personal rewards are overwhelming. You give something to Mother Earth, she gives something back to you.

While practicing this I understood how Mother Earth was being affected by outside forces and she was thankful for the help given. Her gift to me was to look for the seven sided volcano and receive much healing energy to heal the thousands.

Before traveling across America I decided to dowse where to go on my journeys. The pendulum gave a strong indication to also visit Hawaii. Each island was a ‘no’ answer – telling me not to go to that island. However, the last island was a big ‘yes’ and my friend and I duly booked in.

Everywhere we went I inquired about the volcanoes, with no enlightenment, until we reached Hawaii.

khamis1 On a visit to a small Art Gallery in Coconut Marketplace, Kauai I was enchanted with the paintings and crystals around the unit. Such spiritual work in painting had never touched my mind, body and soul before.  The artist D.J. Khamis overflowed with light and love which reflected in his work.

I asked him if there was a seven sided volcano and told him my story. He shared with me a well kept secret of a Mother Earth Chakra and one of the largest quartz crystals on the planet within a temple on the extinct volcano. He asked me to dowse and confirm that this was the volcano I searched for.

Sure enough, it was and a visit to the temple was quickly arranged.


When approaching this area we could feel the vibes change and as we walked towards the Yoga Hindu temple this was heightened. We were welcomed and shown around the paradise gardens with a waterfall flowing into small lake which was a volcanic tube. I believe this is deeper than any other I have seen it was truly a garden of Eden experience. We were given a short Yoga discourse and history of the temple and its founder Guru Devi.

You would think that this would be a beautiful enough experience on its own. However, what followed was truly a gift from the highest.


Having explained to my companion that she could use the energies within the temple to practice distant healing with greater power, we entered.

Mantra sounds vibrated from the temple as Yogi/Priests chanted. The quartz crystal was beautiful and stood high at the end of a carpet. This crystal was channeling high frequency vibrations from the earth energies around it.

I sat in the Half Lotus posture, hands facing down in a Mudra position, 3 fingers just touching the floor. The unique happening in my life commenced. The road to Samadhi enlightenment has many paths. This path had taken me half way around the world, to the middle of the ocean and it was worth the trip. As I sat with upright back I immediately felt a vibration at the bottom of my spine which flowed out towards my bent knees. It was a different feeling from anything else I had experienced, and the description that follows is totally inadequate as words cannot describe it!

The vibrations then flowed up my spine to the top of my head. It felt like the Earth was erupting below me and my body was moving with it. My head was filled with a kind of pulsing vibration, more powerful than any meditation in the past and yet gentle. I felt no time or space and could have remained there forever. I started to hear the noises around me and realised people were leaving. The vibrations were still throbbing up my body. I opened my eyes to look and although it felt as though my physical body was vibrating, in fact there was complete stillness as the energy vibrations continued.

30 minutes or so must have gone by. I began to feel my legs beneath me and decided to change my position, move my legs and alter the hand position to face upwards. Immediately, what seemed like a vibrating beam started to flow into each palm with such a surge, my hands radiated with masses of energy.

I knew that this was the healing enrgy I was told about in my meditation with Mother Earth. The energy to heal the thousands (my friend had a similar experience when her hands were lifted upwards with the surge).

For me, it was truly a Kundalini energy rising to the thousand petal lotus, a gift from Mother Earth.

Following any spiritiual oneness experience, many people feel they want to share it. I have concluded that it would be only right that I should take others to this island for their own holiday of a lifetime and spiritual harmony.

Sacred Place Tours are organised through the non-profit organisation – International ReiKi Federation, Tindle Centre, Warren Street, Tenby, Pembs, UK. Contact me through this address or send me an email at

Peace and love

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