Outlined below are some samples of healing and meditational exercises as well as cleansing diets for you to try.

Relaxation, Breathing and Meditation:

  • Preparations for relaxation: Gentle pointers on how you should position your body and how your environment should be.
  • Chakras: The seven hand positions for the chakras.
  • The Chakra Healing Chart.
  • Breathing is life. Ki breathing is health and extended life. The oldest form of study known to man was based on animals, such as the elephant, which lived the longest also breathed the slowest.
  • ReiKi Healing meditation: Close your eyes and relax your body. Be aware of the air flowing in and out through the nostrils and the gentle rise and fall of the chest with the inward and outward breath.
  • Meditation To Protect Your Energy: The body’s vibrational frequency can be altered by internal and external influences. The following guided meditation is one method of protecting yourself from negative external vibrations.
  • Manipura Self-Regeneration Technique: The human body is a storehouse for energy within the solar plexus, just as the sun stores energy for it’s planetary system. This energy is called Prana or Ki.

Diets and Weight Loss:

  • Ki Energy cleansing diet: Dr Usui practised meditation and fasting as part of his spiritual and healing preparations. You may wish to adopt the following cleansing diet before or after attunements.
  • Weight Loss: Adapted from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital USA. A useful plan for cleansing your system and losing weight.
  • Ki Energy sprouting chart: giving the soaking times for all the popular seeds to sprout and eat.

General Healing Information:

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