Reiki Healing Meditation

Close your eyes and relax your body. Be aware of the air flowing in and out through the nostrils and the gentle rise and fall of the chest with the inward and outward breath.

Visualise floating in a large round bath of soft luxurious aqusa coloured water. Be Aware of the warmth andweight of your body being carried gently by the water.

Feel channels of air flowing up through the water creating bubbles underneath you. smell the fragrance of pine and hear the sound of water.

See the bubbles floating up through the water on the surface, over your body and up into the air. Bubbles of all colours of the rainbow.

Be aware of a large bubble slowly floating in front of your face. Look inside that bubble. See the colour. Now look closely as it hovers in front of you. See an image inside and hold on to that image.

Know that you have connected to a reflection of your inner mind. A message from deep within lies there. A symbol from the infinite source. A special connection for your spiritual development, for healing, for love.

Now free the bubble and release into the ethos, knowing that you can create bubbles to look within, whenever your need arises.

Bring yourself back to the surface, being aware of your physical body. Feel the atmosphere around you. Hear the noises. Start to move your fingers and toes. Taking in deeper breaths, stretch yourself and open your eyes.

Manipura Self-Regeneration Technique

The human body has a storehouse for energy within the solar plexus, just as the sun stores energy for its planetary system. This energy is called Prana or Ki. It is the life force behind all things in our universe.

We can enervate more Ki to any depleted part of the body by using the mind, the nucleus of the body, to direct it to where it is needed. This activates the nucleus within the cells of the body in need of assistance.

Practise the Manipura self-healing method as follows:

lie down in a cornfortable position. Support any painful areas of your body with folded towels or pillows underneath. Repeat the words “ReiKi on” or “LeiKi on” 3 times and wish for your own healing to take place. Relax the feet, legs and lower trunk. Now feel the head. shoulders, aims, hands and upper trunk letting go.

Visualisation of the Manipura ChakraVisualise your solar plexus area, the Manipura Chakra, being generated with a bright, luminous yellow healing streaming down from the sun above. This energy is re-filiing your own solar centre which is a ball of revolving energy radiation outwards.

Now, take your mind to the top of your head, feeling the scalp relax As the forehead smoothes out allow the relaxing energy to draw down your body to the solar plexus. Let the eyes sink back into the sockets and feel the eyelashes touching with the energy f1owine downwards. Lips together, teeth apart and jaw hanging loose see the energy continue down through the neck. Allow the shoulders to drop down, relaxing, as the energy t1ows downwards through the chest and ribs into the solar plexus. From the top of the spine to the mid-hack and from the fingers up through the arms, feel energy moving down to the solar plexus Chakra.

Visualise and feel the Manipura – solar plexus Chakra radiating more brightly

Clearly see in your mind’s eye the toes and feet. Feel each foot falling outwards as you relax. Allow the energy in the feet to allow gently up to your solar plexus. Notice the calves loosening and thighs letting go. Draw the Ki energy upwards to the solar plexus area.

Feel the buttocks sinking down and the tummy releasing tension. Be aware of the energy moving upwards through those areas and the pelvis. From the hips up to the solar plexus. Through the spine to the mid-back.

Visualise and feel the Manipura – solar plexus Chakra radiating more brightly. Tune into your body and any part which is in pain or requires healing See and feel the solar plexus area full of ki energy which is a bright yellow colour.

Send the Manipura energy to relieve pain or to repair and heal any area of need. Visualise a stream of energy flowing tn that specific area and any dark spots filling with light from the solar plexus storehouse.

Keep pumping energy and light from the solar plexus to the weak parts of your body, until you feel it is sufficient

Now send the Ki energy from the Manipura Chakra back out to all parts of your body and be aware of a more balanced state.

Give thanks for your own healing which has taken place and thanks to the lei (God Love Energy) and Ki (Life Force Universal Energy).

Wriggle your fingers and toes. stretch your arms above your head and slowly move your body. Take deeper breaths in and out and come back up to surface.

You have connected your mind to the cell within and the universe without all of which has connected with the highest infinite light and love, described on planet earth in many ways.

Your Healing Reminders

To heal others it is an honour given to us for they put their trust in our hands. If we are to be the chalice for pure love then we honour the divine by putting our trust in them.

When we bring in high frequencies to heal others and have a blockage ourselves then we may create further damage, become ill, tired or depleted. This is why Reiki 1 is for our own healing. Would you pour pure water into a dirty cup?

Please remember to practice Reiki 1 healing on yourself at least twice a day.

If you offer yourself as a channel for healing others and they feel worse during or immediately at the end of the session then you have given them a drink of your dirty water.

Remember to use the grounding techniques and/or centring exercises on yourself before healing and begin/end with a cleansing meditation. Use the protecting meditations to conserve and protect your energy and have the 3 treatments by your Reiki Master over a one to three week period to give the energies a chance to work effectively. Try not to leave more than a week between each treatment.

Please take the self-healing seriously and try to work clearing your body of toxins, eating healthy and avoiding smoky polluted atmospheres and overwork. Meditate or just give yourself some quiet time and space daily and listen to your dreams. Be aware of any negative influences within and without then work on the appropriate Chakra, which is not working properly. Use the techniques you have learned on the Chakra 1 and 2 introduction workshops.

When you feel an energy of force around you note that the great healer Jesus Christ said ‘Test ye the spirits that they be of the light’. If a spirit is present ask it to identify itself by name, light, colour, symbol and so on. A challenge evokes an answer. Remember that not all spirits are light workers. Just as humans differ and are many, so too are spirits. If you ever feel you have an entity, which creates a negative, darker colour in an area of your body or aura, or you have a recurrent health problem, which cannot be diagnosed, ask your Sensei Reiki Master for advanced healing techniques.

Some lower spirits try to impersonate the higher ones, particularly if you are studying and reading about angels, guides and masters at the time. The false ones will not be able to tell you anything, which has not already been passed on. They also play tricks. Remember that the higher your own frequency is, the purer your body, mind and spirit are. When the Chakras are in balance, the easier it is for higher vibrational spirits to channel through you, if this is how you want to work. However, you do not need to channel to get good results.

Your worst enemy is your own EGO which requires the use of power and control and needs feeding with the negative aspects of the weaker Chakras which are out of balance. Work on your own Chakra balancing through self-awareness of your attitudes and actions, reasoning and reactions. Work towards the positive aspects of each Chakra. A very over active or under active Chakra also reflects your spiritual lessons at the time.

Blessing in light and love