About Us

The International ReiKi federation is a non-profit organisation founded by Sanjnashakti in 1997. It is a federation of ReiKi people attuned by Sanjnashakti lineage, which has connections to the Dr Usui society in Japan.
BeFunky_mikao_usui-mc3a1solata.jpgTo heal or be healed it is not necessary to understand how vibrational healing works. However, some people feel the need to learn. The I.R.F. provides high standards of training, information and practical application, towards Sensei Master level from the original japanese Dr Usui Manual and other developments.

Our Purpose

  • To make people happy and healthy

Our Strategy

  • The I.R.F. will cultivate and share loving knowledge, skills and attitudes through reiki natural healing.

Our Aims

  • To initiate, train and accredit people into High Standards ofreiki
  • To provide accreditation of prior learning to reiki people of different lineage on approval of work submitted and evidence collected
  • To promote and practise Universal and World healing for all life thereon
  • To establish ReiKi training as a recognised qualification nationally

Objectives of the International Reiki Federation

A). To offer 10 steps to mastership and registration with I.R.F.

  1. Introduction workshop I.R.F/Usui
  2. Meditation unit I.R.F/Usui
  3. First Deegree I.R.F/Usui
  4. Anatomy, Phsyiology and First Aid I.R.F
  5. Counselling Skills I.R.F
  6. Second Degree (R.P.) I.R.F/Usui
  7. Advanced reiki training (A.R.T) I.R.F/Usui
  8. Marketing and Business I.R.F
  9. Masters Degree (M.R) I.R.F/Usui/Tibetan
  10. Teaching Masters Degree (T.M.R) I.R.F/Usui/Tibetan.Sanskrit


B). To continually train and encourage Reiki masters towards obtaining Sensei Master Level.

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