Reiki Healing Meditation

Close your eyes and relax your body. Be aware of the air flowing in and out through the nostrils and the gentle rise and fall of the chest with the inward and outward breath.

Visualise floating in a large round bath of soft luxurious aqusa coloured water. Be Aware of the warmth andweight of your body being carried gently by the water.

Feel channels of air flowing up through the water creating bubbles underneath you. smell the fragrance of pine and hear the sound of water.

See the bubbles floating up through the water on the surface, over your body and up into the air. Bubbles of all colours of the rainbow.

Be aware of a large bubble slowly floating in front of your face. Look inside that bubble. See the colour. Now look closely as it hovers in front of you. See an image inside and hold on to that image.

Know that you have connected to a reflection of your inner mind. A message from deep within lies there. A symbol from the infinite source. A special connection for your spiritual development, for healing, for love.

Now free the bubble and release into the ethos, knowing that you can create bubbles to look within, whenever your need arises.

Bring yourself back to the surface, being aware of your physical body. Feel the atmosphere around you. Hear the noises. Start to move your fingers and toes. Taking in deeper breaths, stretch yourself and open your eyes.

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