Mother Earth’s protection meditation from Sanjnashakti

Adopt a relaxed body position, focus on thoughts passing through your mind and let them flow away. Concentrate on the breath gently flowing in and out through the nostrils. Tune in to your physical body and visualise a white light at your heart’s centre. If you are unable to visualise, get your memory to tune in to an experience, when you felt happy and at peace. Hold on to that feeling and direct the feeling to your heart centre.

Now allow that feeling of the lights within to slowly flow out, spreading slowly to each part of your body, until it is moving out of each and every pore in your body. You are a shining glowing light body. This light penetrates out beyond your body. Healing dark spots and diseased or painful areas.

You are part of Mother Earth – a light being. Tune into her mass body. Be aware of a light within her centre, like yours, slowly spreading through the Earth’s crust, seas and mountains. Out through every part, including all life thereon.

Visualise a picture of mother earth with dark streams of negative energy coming towards the planet, but being prevented because of the light flowing out with such intensity that it engulfs everything and transforms only to light.

You have given a gift to our planet. Now Mother Earth gives you her gift. Receive it with thanks. Listen and then write down what it is in your spiritual meditation diary.

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