Meditation To Protect Your Energy

The body’s vibrational frequency can be altered by internal and external influences. The following guided meditation is one method of protecting yourself from negative external vibrations. With practise you can learn to do this very quickly by using the visualisation and chanting the sound Aum (OM) in your mind.

Allow your body to become relaxed. have the spine straight and the head upright. Close your eyes and take a slow breath in and out. Be aware of the flow of air through the nostrils. Let your hands and feet relax and the shoulders loosen.

Visualise your body surrounded by a large bubble. This membrane is strong and protecting. While you are inside, you can move around and the shape can change to accommodate this.

Although this is an invisible screen all around you, it is also a strong barrier from anything or any negative vibration outside which would harm you.

You feel yourself protected inside your bubble where nothing can harm you. In your mind you hear the sound Aum repeating and you know that this is raising your vibrational frequencies to a higher level. Giving double protection to your bubble.

See yourself floating in your bubble, safe and sheltered from harm, knowing that you can be there anytime you wish.

Now prepare yourself to release the bubble and allow it to float to a safe place where you can recall your bubble whenever necessary.

Take some slow, deeper breaths in and out becoming aware of your body. Start to move your fingers and toes. Stretch your arms and have a good yawn.

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